The Squire

Magnetized, modular and multi-functional, add what you need for your adventure and store your treasured dice set in it for safekeeping.

We set ourselves apart from the competition by exclusively using solid wood in our products. There is no ply, no MDF and no veneer across our entire range of gaming accessories.

We have designed the Squire as a great way to keep your precious dice set safe. On top of that, our modular system allows you to expand its functionality in a variety of ways.

Squire Title shot

The Squire is a hardwood magnetised storage box for your most precious set of dice, or many more, depending on its configuration.

Portable and easy to store, it keeps you ready with your dice for any occasion or adventure just like a trusty Squire of old would.

It comes with cut EVA foam to store your dice in snugly.

You can upgrade your Squire to become fully attuned, this glued set of rings provides additional space for more dice storage, along with providing the option to keep your phone upright in the expansion ring.

Full attunement squire

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