Hello from Harps Corp

Welcome to Harps Corp, the source for all your rolling needs!

We strive to produce the higest quailty hand crafted dice rollers, trays, towers and anything else you may need to have the best time playing your tabletop games!

Please feel free to take a look around and make use of our discount code!

We have a selection of our best rollers here in a variety of woods and if they don’t take your fancy have a browse of the rest of the Sovereign Range!


The Warden

Our classicly designed Dice Tower and Tray.

The tower is designed to fit snugly into the tray.


The Warden with Storage

For those that need to carry extra dice on your adventure, the storage section on this Warden can hold up to 30 RPG dice.


The Warden Plus

The Warden Plus is the bigger brother to the others in the Warden range, designed to roll all the dice you can throw at it up to 30mm in size.

Yet it still fits neatly inside the tray for easy transport and can store dice inside the tower if you need to.